7 uranium bead necklace - It helped me with my allergies!

7 uranium bead necklace – It helped me with my allergies!

I am an electronic product developer who uses microcontrollers and analog electronics to create industrial and medical tools. My business in Victoria BC Canada is called Microsec R&D Inc. The Microsec webpage is at http://microsec.net. We began making Geiger counters after the Fukushima accident in March of 2011. After designing them I wondered if I could find a radiant source to mail out with each unit. I discovered uranium glass was available from the local bead shops. It worked as a mail out source for geiger counters. Then I started to look at the safety … and found that they were 100% safe and healthful. Then with a little more research I stumbled across T. D. Luckey’s writing and emailed him for more information. He introduced me to Jerry Cuttler, who lives in Ontario where I met him in 2011. These people introduced me to others in the hormesis field and I started collecting science papers. I started to experiment on myself while collecting the research. That is the origin of this library.

My Testimonial

For the past 40 years or so I have had a poor immune system, catching 4 or 5 colds every winter, often sick in bed and off work for a few days. If I came in direct contact with someone suffering from a cold I was guaranteed to get it! All this changed about 1.5 years ago when I started using the radiant beads. Most of the time (24/7) I wear radiant pendant sources between 4 micro-sievert/hour to 11 micro-sievert/hour resulting in a yearly exposure between 35 and 97 millisievert. Sometimes I use uranium glass beads and sometimes I use uranium ore pendants. The effects appear to be identical. The only difference is in the jewellery style. As soon as I started using them a dramatic thing happened. I had been experiencing several new allergies including an allergy to my favourite cat. However after the first week of working with low level natural radiation my allergy to the cat disappeared forever. Other allergies to perfumes and scents disappeared as well. For the first time in 40 years I never got a cold or flu all winter! I even tried sharing food with several friends suffering from severe colds or flu. I did not catch the colds or flu.

I also have always had trouble with cuts healing slowly and getting infected. This never happens now and cuts heal quickly without infection. In addition there has been a dramatic improvement in my arthritis. I have since added radon water baths to my therapy using an antique Revigator and the arthritis pain was reduced even further. I am now able to dance to rock music all night long.

Another peculiar effect is that pre-cancerous sun damage on my arms has slowly disappeared over the last year. I was wearing a radiant bead bracelet that was placed over the affected areas for many hours each day. Sometimes I used a piece of tape to attach a bead to the skin damaged area. Only 2 spots are left of some 20 that I had last year.

I also made an ankle bracelet of U. Glass beads to see if I can reduce the pain from a plantairs wort. After wearing for several days there was no pain. It would appear that the beads reduce pain but the wort did not go away. I will try other experiments on myself as the years pass.

Typical Testimonials:

Stephen from Galiano Island BC …
When I was young I crushed my ankle in a work related accident. I’m 43 now and I have regular issues with pain and stiffness; now more than ever. Recently during a particularly bad period where I had acute and nearly debilitating pain I tried using some radiant beads in the form of an anklet. Within 24 hours there was significant improvement and within two days I was back to my regular self. Coincidence? Placebo? Maybe. All I know is I’m going to try it again next time!

Rodney from Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada
Since wearing 5 radiant glass beads I never get sick with a cold for more than a few hours. The worst cold I have had in the last year has only lasted for 1/2 day.

Linda B. from Victoria BC, Canada: 

From wearing a set of radiant glass beads my chronic (allergy triggered) asthma has lightened up. I have not had difficulty breathing for some months.

Susan from Vancouver Island, Canada:

A serious neck injury that causes continuous pain is greatly relieved by wearing radiant glass beads. In this case I am wearing a full set of beads that go completely around my neck. I tried just a few beads but ended up having to purchase a full length necklace of uranium glass beads before it stopped the neck pain.

Bill from Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

After hearing about uranium glass beads for ankle pain relief I made a set of 10 U beads into a bracelet to treat an old wrist and forearm injury caused by typing. Over a period of 1 month the pain was greatly reduced and as I continued to wear the beads for a month more I could resume typing without pain. When I quit wearing the bracelet the pain returns.

Ed Hasam from Victoria BC Canada:

I have been wearing the beads for years and observed that I get much fewer colds and flu incidents.

Summary of Feedback from Testimonials

Typically people find that they receive pain relief and an improvement of immunity. The pain relief does not imply that the underlying problem has been solved. In the case of improved immunity it would appear that diseases such as flu and colds can be prevented. Some have tried using uranium glass beads to cure an existing cold but this has been unsuccessful. It would seem that the immunity boost from the beads takes a few days to a week before it works.

Your Feedback is Requested

We welcome your feedback concerning improvements to your health due to the hormetic effects of radiant energy as supplied by the beads. Comments will be added to the Testimonials Section. It does not matter whether you used our uranium glass beads or your own … we would still like to know. Perhaps you used a natural uranium ore pendant from http://nighthawkminerals.com … we are still interested in your feedback on the health effects.