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Scientific Research to Date

Scientific explanation are shown below based on the work of Dr. T. Don Luckey who published over 2000 research papers on low level radiation that he collected from 1880 to 1980. Not one of these studies showed any danger and some health advantages. The Bio-Positive effects are called Radiation Hormesis.

We believe all radiation is dangerous because of Cold War propaganda from the late 1950s in which Dr. Herman Muller in his Nobel Prize acceptance talk lied about the effects of low level radiation because he was a member of the Ban the Bomb movement. After that the word of a Nobel winner became scientific dogma!

It is also well know that exposure to low level radiation protects us from higher level radiation! One of the best defenses against the small amounts of radiation seen in fish that resulted from Fukushima is to be regularly exposed to very low levels of safe radiation. Biologists have now proven that this makes the DNA repair mechanism swing into maximum effectiveness. The DNA repair mechanism has been understood since 2000. Scientific experiments over the last 50 years have proven that the immunity to radiation is increased by exposure to very low levels. This is much like an innoculation!

The best summary of the beneficial effects of natural nuclear radiation can be found on the Radiation Hormesis site:

Why is All Radiation Normally Feared?

The fear of low level radiation is not a scientific belief but a cultural one which came from the Cold War era. Why do radiation regulatory agencies such as the EPA in the USA and Environment Canada not discuss the positive or health improving effects of low level radiation? This is simply because the radiation regulations are based on science as it was understood almost 50 years ago. The current radiation regulations are based on a key meeting in 1959 which was attended by Herman Muller who won the Nobel prize based on a lie as discussed above. This old and inaccurate science is 40 years before the understanding of the DNA repair mechanism! Yet it forms the basis for radiation standards worldwide.

Wikipedia is of little help in researching the topic of Radiation Hormesis (postive effects of radiation) since they accept the radiation protection agencies’ opinion on the subject based on old and outdated science from the Cold War era.

These radiation protection regulations are safeguarded worldwide by radiation management authorities because their jobs depend on maintaining the fear of all radiation. To be fair Wikipedia mentions the subject of Radiation Hormesis, but it claims that no research on humans has been done. This is a false statement. The extensive human research goes back 100 years and Dr. T. D. Luckey has documented many historical experiments. Japanese scientists have been researching and curing cancer using very low level xray radiation for 20 years.

Surprisingly in Europe, Asia, Russia and Japan, low level radiation therapy has continued in main stream medicine through the use of radioactive hot springs that are used to treat arthritis and various immune disorders. European doctors have commented that North Americans kill 10k people a year through the use of arthritis drugs. Russia, Japan and most European states promote the use of radioactive hot springs for therapy. They experienced no danger after thousands of years of bathing in the radioactive hot springs.

The site contains many research papers and a list of the modern scientific researchers.